I have always enjoyed visual communication and interesting narratives from the time I saw my first movie, picked up my first comic book, truly listened to music and connected with it. All of these different mediums can be used in combination or individually to tell a story – whether it’s for art’s sake or to position a product or service for consumption. The inherent challenges working in different mediums (print or digital), solving visual design problems, creating complex visual hierarchies and understanding and leveraging the value of typography continues to be a process I am passionate about.

I have accumulated over 12 years of Graphic Design, Marketing and Project Management experience and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I have 10 years of experience in professional services and 3 years in solution marketing for business to business (B2B) software. Having a background in visual design, marketing and project management has given me the unique experience of managing market strategy from conception, planning, implementation and execution phases. Concurrent to my corporate experience, I have also furthered my skill set through running a freelance design business over the past 12 years.

– Jason Love